Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let's Try Again.....

OK, I'll tell ya where to go!

No, really. Rachel has a great site called One Pretty Thing that I go to daily. It is full of interesting links to projects on other sites. That means by going there you can "visit" many other sites in one go. Pick the ones you wish to get more information on and give them a visit. She includes sites with projects on sewing, crafting, web business and DYI. One Pretty Thing is like skimming the best of the crafters' internet.

Ireland is another place I recommend you visit. This time it's a physical trip. This plaque is what I made at Christi Friesen's workshop in Mulranny, County Cook. I had a lovely week with great people, wonderful hospitality at the Essence of Mulranny craft center and lots of creativity. This is the piece before it had a patina applied so it is a little too "bright and shinny" but photographed well.

I'm looking forward to the Paradise Clay Cruse in September!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I have Returned

My last post was October 19. Paul died on October 31. After spending 43 years together, this event really blew my mind. We came home from Summer vacation. He started teaching. Dr John, our looooong time doctor in California had suggested that Paul follow up with a blood test he had because John wasn't happy with the results. Paul did. He got the results back, started chem the next day and died four weeks later.

(I'm hitting my poor computer keys really hard as I type this and I'm getting really teary.)

Paul did not suffer and he kept working up until the October school break. His last night he got up early. I noticed and got up. He told me to go back to sleep since I didn't have to get up. When I got up later he was dead on the hall floor.....Sorry but I'll be back later.