Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 Things I’m Glad I Did

1. Flew in a glider
2. Saw the midnight sun
3. Went into the heart of a pyramid
4. Saw Bob Dylan perform
5. Talked with Philip Leakey
6. Stopped work
7. Saw Monterey Pops
8. Took Karate
9. Discovered Christi’s art work
10. Became more myself
11. Taught animation, journalism, fifth grade, eighth grade social studies and English, K-adult computer skills
12. Backpacked Europe
13. Married Paul

1. It was peaceful and beautiful and lots of fun.
2. The midnight sun brought awe into my heart.
3. I overcame my fear of falling, claustrophobia and the idea of being covered in tons of solid rock.
4. I made up for missing him during university finals when I thought it was more important to study.
5. Talking to experts is stimulating.
6. My job had become toxic to my body and soul due to administrator’s harassment. I’ve now found joy and peace of mind again. front of and behind the stage) and
7. These three days of music, friends (in color will always bring light brightness to my memories.
8. Karate is the most physically demanding sport I’ve ever done, much more than long distance water skiing, badminton, bowling, volleyball or dancercise.
9. Christi has inspired me to try art and share it. I also get wonderful feedback from her group of fans.
10. I’m not trying to be accepted by others or acting the way I think I should instead of the way I am.
11. The variety kept teaching fresh for four decades and gave me a way to touch many lives.
12. Travel introduced me to the wonders of the world and the people who live in it. Backpacking allowed me to get away from the internationally indistinguishable tourist sights that can equalize all cultures.
13. In good times and bad times, he helps make my life interesting.

QUOTE QUIP: Dare to dream isn't enough unless you also dare to do.

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