Monday, October 19, 2009

I'll Ask Them Myself!

Bogs seem to be fulled with question that the writers are answering for other people. I think it might be more interesting to answer my own questions. I might learn more.

1. What books are the first you remembe
r reading?
I must have been reading before these but I remember reading Greek and Roman myths in the fourth grade. Our teacher read them to us during "Story Time" a
nd I got hooked. By seventh grade I'd read most of the myths from Greece and Rome. I worked in the library during my study hall. I asked the librarian if she could recommend any to me. I'd read all she could think of including the Iliad and the Odyssey. She finally came up with The Golden Bough which I had to admit to her that I'd tried to read but found it a little too complicated.

This fourth grade Storytime led m
e to think I wanted to be a philosophy major at university. Nope. Only disagreements there. So I changed to psychology. Rat with wires in their heads didn't interest me at all. Finally I ended up a Social Psychology/ Cultural Anthropology major. Yep! Bingo! It seems I wanted to know why people acted the way they do.

2. What kid dreams did I have? I always left my window open at least a crack so Peter Pan could get in. The idea of flying off to Never Neverland seemed like a wonderful adventure to have. I probably thought it would be much more fun and less dangerous than running from my genetic father.

I am learning! The answer to number 1 leads to the reason much of my art and poetry has mythological elements. Number 2 might have something....or do with why the color of the sky where I live is so different from most people's sky color.

Here' a poem that shows my love of myths:

Medusa’s Eyes

What did she feel, she who dared
compare herself to others,
who risked the wrath of Aphrodite,
challenging Beauty herself?
and Beauty’s insecurity responded,
changing her enchantment
into a different kind.
Medusa’s tresses began
to writhe upon her brow
shadowing her bewitching eyes.
Were Medusa’s eyes brown or blue or green?
When she saw the men who once adored her,
whose hearts she filled with warmth and joy,
turn into cold, gray stone,
what did she feel?
Were there tears in Medusa’s eyes?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Quesrions

I found a blog that has Friday Questions. I though that might get me thinking.......and I just keep thinking as that is what I'm good at!

1. I have a history of depression and post traumatic stress syndrome. Before I went college, I frightened people with my vocabulary and ideas. I had no idea. When I started university I became very popular. That’s when I first had to go on medication for depression. You cannot be depressed on speed! I realized I was becoming addicted and stopped cold turkey…. didn’t know that was dangerous. The second time was when I got a teaching job that did not challenge me. It was fun but not demanding of my talents nor required any learning or growth on my part.

2. I wish I knew whether people wanted to me with me or not.

3. I'm eating (or recently ate) a pretty healthy diet. Need to cut down on calories and want to go out to dinner to a good place to eat.

4. I love to listen to the noise that drifts through my window from what is happening on the road.

5. So that's it, that's what I want to do. My art has become very important to me.

6. Everything (good, bad or indifferent) is better than nothing!

7. One week ago I was apprehensive about some medical news. I don’t want to share it now as I’m superstitious about talking about future happenings that might turn out negatively.

8. I lived in fear when I was young. I was afraid my genetic father might locate us again; none of my peers accepted me; I might be crazy because of my ability to disassociate from what was happening to me. I’d never heard of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

9. Mama told me nothing about her marriage to my genetic father or that our life had not been in any way abnormal.

10. Someone needs to give comfort to you and me.

11. Take your time, stop and look, listen and think.

12. My recent fear will pass! It will become meaningless, manageable or appropriate. I hope for meaningless.

13. I'm looking forward to completing the Halloween necklace, soon. My plans also include making the tiny haunted house and working more on my studio.