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Take a Picture, Why Don Ya!

Places to Go; Things to Do
Jojo knows photos! If you
use a digital camera, you'll probably like Jojo. Here's what they say about their site: What We're All About We publish an insanely great newsletter on photography. More specifically, we scour the internet, rip pages out of magazines, ransack our friends' closets, and go through dumpsters to find the very best Photo tips, DIY projects, and Gear.

One of the more humorous hints is about making your camera ugly so it won't be stolen. How'd you like your camera to look like this? will show you how! and WHY!

Likes and Dislikes
I really like digital cameras! I took many photos with my film SLR Canon but I love being able to play with cropping, sizing, coloring and special effects that are sooooo easy with digital. But I use my camera for more than just fun. Being so available for instant use, it becomes a notebook, reminder pad and, basically, indispensable. Here are 13 ways I use mine:

1. ID Your Camera:
I recently saw a program on the BBC about aspiring detectives who enjoy trying to track down the rightful owners of cameras by identifying restaurant interiors and concert snapshots. Not everyone will take the time and enjoy the effort. If my camera runs away from home, help it find its way back. Take a photo of a sign saying This Camera Belongs To: and my phone number and/or e-mail address. I lock it so it won’t be erased by mistake. This screen would also be a good place to put anything that emergency workers would need, like blood type, drug allergies or organ donor status. I don’t put my address or full name as I don't want to make new and possibly strange friends.

2. Mark My Parking Spot: Sometimes it’s me who needs to get home. I take a shot of the number, letter, row, area sign or anything that helps me remember where I parked. I can also take a pic of the doors I go through to reach my parking spot. Something I found out the hard way when I went through a door I didn’t remember when I tried to return to my car. Also, if I still can’t locate my car, the garage man probably can. Don’t know how but they can.

3. Make a Map:
Until I’m carrying around an I-phone or personal GPS unit, my camera can help fill the gap. I can fit a lot of detail on a single photo, and my camera allows me to zoom in on photos for a closer view. This also works at amusement parks, malls and such especially when added to the last comment about parking. If I’m in an airport new to me, I snap a shot of the floor plan in case I have to find gate L45 in a hurry. This trick is also good for keeping a shot of the public transport system. When giving directions to our home, photos of landmarks for friends help them follow directions. I also keep a walking photo tour of the route to the local museum, beach and stores of interest. I’m better for my friends than Fromer.

4. Complex Parts Inventory and Repair Diagrams: Before unplugging my router, fixing or disassemble the pond fountain, I snap a photo of what it used to look like. Connections of wiring on DVDs, cables, and other electronic gear are easier to reconnect with photos. These shots can stay in the camera and go to the store with me if I have to buy new parts. “This doohickeys won’t go into the thingamajig,” isn’t gobbledygook at the hardware store when illustrated.

5. Thank You Notes: Take a photo of you using or wearing a gift for a quick thank you.

6. License Plates: Car next to me parked diagonally? Overloaded pickup parked ready to drop its load on your rental? Rental comes with ding? A photo with a date stamp that includes the license number might save me a fight, a bundle of cash or both.

7. Yellow Pages: Want to take a little info on the road? Rather than tearing out the page or printing a ream of paper, snap a photo of those drug and alcohol treatment centers listings... and by drug and alcohol treatment centers, I mean craft supply stores.

8. Evidence in My Defense: I never need defending but… if I did find myself in a legal conundrum I might use a convenient photo. Times I might consider warrant a little documentation: ticket machine is broken, meter is malfunctioning, I have to trespass because I’m being chased by a demented zombie who keeps chanting, “Brains! Brains!”

9. Shopping: I take photos to clothing shops for matching style, prints and colors. To the craft store for photo lists to consider when my head isn’t full. To the home repair store with a photo of a problem to get expert advise. Any store, restaurant, street, etc. to get inspiration for art works. Take photos of storefronts to show name, opening times, windows, etc.

10. Food
: Photos of finished recipes to remember visually sizes and colors needed. Baby carrots or giant winter varieties? Cans or fresh? Red or green? I can also snap shots of unknown products to try to identify later. This is particularly helpful in ethnic markets.

11. A Mirror:
If I need to check my teeth for taco pieces particles, lips for ink or see how I look and a mirror is not around, turn the camera on myself.

12. Visual Wishlist:
When I see a book at a friend’s place that you want to read, an album I want to get, or a gift I want to pick up for somebody, I take a photo of it. Or, if I drop my keys behind the sofa, I use the monitor on my camera to help me see into places I can’t quite reach.

13. Entrance Passes:
If you take photos from unusual angles or of usual objects, especially if I have two cameras around my neck, people assume I'm a reporter and become very helpful and often let me in places I wouldn’t normally be allowed.

Got any more Ideas?

Quote Quip: If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many books will a memory card hold?

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