Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clay, Breaking News and Explamation Points

If you are interested in any type of polymer clay work, I recommend going to visit Cynthia Tinapple’s Polymerclay Daily. Every week day she post one or two sites showcasing work she has found on the web. She also has collected workshops and classes that she post as part of her site. Her achieves are worth wandering through and even her ads are interesting. It’s a must read for clayers.

One other site I visit every weekday is The Daily Art Muse. Although Susan Lomuto does emphasize clay work, she also admires other mediums and inspirational images. Here I find art being created from mediums I’d never have guessed were being used. And this is another site that offers great achieves and links.

Go to these two sites!...Now! You won’t regret it…unless you only have a few minutes to poke around. Then you’ll have to return.S

I enjoy weather. These first days of Spring are delightful. The colorful blooms, mild breezes and later sunsets make me smile. Spring is one of my four favorite seasons.

I dislike the idea that everything reported on the news is described as Breaking News in big red letters and lots of invisible exclamation points. I love the sound of breaking glass but not the interminable sound of a story that breaks for days.

And those exclamation points! They should be used with care!! I do not exclaim every sentence!!! Most I just say! So when I write, I use these excited little explosions sparingly, too!!! Don’t you???

My bets on Alice and the Cat.

It really does only take five minutes to set up a blog using Blogspot. Choosing a format and colors, typing a title, a description and the first post is all you have to do. Since all of that is easy to change, you don’t have to agonize over it. Then when I posted this first info, the program set up the comment section and achieves. Today I click on someone’s counter and signed up for one. It only took choosing the style and giving the blog address. Bingo! It appeared. I’d figured out yesterday how to make a link and put in a photo. Duh! The buttons in the menu were the hint. So far, this is worth it for the learning and the knowledge of how easy it is made to make a blog. No wonder one is set up every second! (Mac’s estimate; not mine.) I originally choose Blogspot because I ran a search using “ easy recommended blog” and found a Mac site that discussed the different blogs and what you can do with them. This was the easier for beginners.

I’m singing my little happy song.

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marisa said...

Hello Jean!
I'm Marisa from Athens,Greece but i currently live in den Haag as an exchange student! I love creating mostly sweets with polymer clay! www.myspace.com/polymercakes its my web site!
So..im really new to this city so i was wondering where i can buy polymer clay!Im living next to the Hague University so the city center is near me..
If you know any shops near there, i would appreciate your help !
Looking forward getting an aswer!:)