Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is it worth it?

I recommend going to:

to see Christi Friesen's wonderfully creative art pieces. She makes artjewelry and sculpts. All show great design and are full of humor. She has lots of free tutorials in polymer clay as downloads. It's worth a look just to see what can be done with this artificial clay.

Admit it! You like list, too! Here's a site that lets you read some slightly strange list and add your own, too:

LIKES AND DISLIKES: I like getting feedback on my creative work. It helps me become a better artist. The feedback can be admiringly encouraging or helpfully critical but it must be specific. Saying I like it or I don't like it is useless to me. WHY?

GRAMMER GLUMPS: Two OOs make to into too much, too little and also, too. Try not to forget that extra O.

QUOTE QUIP: Too many people are sucking glass-blowing grass-holes and crass troll...

Now, if I can figure out how to put a comments section on this blog, you can give me feedback but only if your read my Likes and Dislikes above!



jeaninholland said...

How about that! It does it for me. It must be idiot-proof.

Heysa said...

Well, here let me give it a try... ~Heysa

Anonymous said...

Good job Jean, did you take the photos on the slide show? They are beautiful shots.



Glad to see you have a blog, my friend. I almost missed it! Have lots of fun with it!